Share Files and Screenshots Instantly with Clip2Net

Free web clipping and file sharing tool Clip2Net is an easy-to-use system tray applet when it’s on the desktop. No registration required to start using this service but registred users get more control on files uploaded. More details. Sign up for a free account at Clip2Net and you get 500 MB of space to store screenshots, files, or whole folders. If you share a lot of files, folders and screenshots with others, take a look at a freeware application called Clip2Net. It lets you select an area of your desktop and upload it online in an instant. You receive a link to the image and also code to use for publishing the image on a blog or site. Uploading files and folders to share is also very fast and easy. Clip2Net also features built-in Picnik integration for screenshot/image editing, and files can be password protected. Clip2Net is a free download for Windows systems only.


  • Desktop area capture and upload
  • Video capture and upload
  • Upload image from Clipboard
  • Upload text documents
  • Upload any number of files from Clipboard
  • Multiple file upload at once (link to zip file will be generated)
  • Drag-and-drop any number of files into Drop Zone
  • Preview of clip or list of files before upload
  • Visual Text Editory
  • Publishing by e-mail
  • Music/Video sharing and playing from web-site

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