Terrifying Crash in Texas

Michael McDowell said people in the NASCAR garage were placing their hands on him Saturday morning. “They came up wanting to touch me,” McDowell said. “They thought it would bring them luck.” McDowell himself believes he’s the luckiest guy on the planet after walking away without a scratch for a terrifying accident Friday at Texas Motor Speedway. His #00 Arons Dream machine became airborne, barrel rolling eight times before it landed on its wheel on the inside of Turn 2. The front end of the Toyota Camry was destroyed and amazingly McDowell was able to walk away from the crash while waving to the fans.

The SAFER barrier and the HANS device – head-and-neck restraint – drivers use certainly helped McDowell escape without serious injury. The new car – formerly know as the Car or Tomorrow – also did its job. The car has more interior room and more crush-panel space than the previous model NASCAR used.

“I think we proved for sure yesterday that it’s a safer car.” McDowell said. “But I’m done being the test dummy for the COT. I’ll let somebody else do it.”

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