ESET SysInspector

SysInspector is a standalone, portable utility designed to show you information about your computer with a emphasis on finding viruses and malware.

Like many other system information tools, SysInspector will show you your running processes, network connections, running services and specifications.
However, what makes SysInspector different is that it has a slider which filters the risk level. On the lowest setting it’ll show you everything (for example, known good processes), but as you slide it to higher risk levels it only shows you items that it finds highly suspicious.
The lowest level shows everything, the middle levels show only third party objects and other items that don’t come with Windows. The highest level shows items that could be potentially dangerous such as unknown items that are set to start during boot-up, and other unknown items in strange areas.

Downloads: – 3.67mb

Download from Official Site (32-bit version)
Download from Official Site (64-bit version)

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