CCleaner v2.07.575 (4-28-08)

New update to one of the most reliable free daily use tools out there. You can use the internal updater only be sure to look for and uncheck the ‘Install Yahoo Toolbar’ option if to avoid installing it. If you don’t use it, you should!

This release adds Firefox 3.0 support including history and cookies which had been moved into a more complex database structure. Additionally we’ve add a good range of performance tweaks and bug fixes for foreign language versions.

CCleaner v2.07.575

  • Firefox 3.0 support added.
  • Fixed bug where figures were missing for KB/MB sizes.
  • Fixed bug where some IE cookies were being missed.
  • Improved scan time accuracy.
  • Internal memory management improvements.
  • Registry settings moved to HKCUSoftwarePiriformCCleaner.
  • Fixed bug where CC could get locked in System Tray.
  • Renamed MSN Messenger to Windows Live Messenger.
  • Added MS Office Picture Manager to applications.
  • Fixed uninstaller tool bug on 64-bit OS.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.
CCleaner Slim (No Toolbar) 2.07.575
CCleaner (With Yahoo Toolbar) 2.07.575
CCleaner Portable 2.07.575

Installing and using CCleaner

  • Double click on the ccsetup.exe file to start the installation of the program.
  • Select your language and click OK, then Next.
  • Read the license agreement and click I Agree.
  • Click Next to use the default install location.
  • Under Install Options, choose all the default settings
  • Click Install then finish to complete installation.
  • Double click the CCleaner shortcut on the desktop to start the program.
  • On the Windows tab, under Internet Explorer, uncheck Cookies if you do not want them deleted. (If deleted, you will likely need to re-enter your passwords at all sites where a cookie is used to recognize you when you visit).
  • If you use either the Firefox or Mozilla browsers, the box to uncheck for Cookies is on the Applications tab, under Firefox/Mozilla.
  • Click on the Options icon at the left side of the window, then click on Advanced.
    uncheck Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 48 hours.
  • Click on the Cleaner icon on the left side of the window, then click Run Cleaner to run the program.
  • Caution: Only use the Registry feature if you are very familiar with the registry.
  • Always back up your registry before making any changes.
  • Exit CCleaner after it has completed it’s process.
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