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A new free utility from Computer Hope called “Is it up” that allows any user to quickly and easily see if any server or website on the Internet is up and know if the issue is with their computer or the website. The script checks if a website is up or down, pings the IP associated with the server, and finally give a response time.

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Status: 200 – OK
Page title: Bare Witness

Ping results…
IP address:
Response time: 77.0 ms (Fast)

Quickly determine if your computer and/or Internet connection is preventing you from accessing a web page by typing the address in the search box. After its been entered Computer Hope will send a request to that page to verify if the site and/or server is up or down.

Visit this new utility here.
Computer Hope’s free computer help


2 Responses to “Is it up website checker”

  1. Computer Hope Says:

    Hey Evilfantasy, nice blog you’ve got here. Thanks for the mention of the new Computer Hope utility. 🙂

  2. Kevin (evilfantasy) Says:

    No problem Nathan. You basically opened your site up for me to use so it is the least I could do!

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