XNeat Taskbar Utility

XNeat Windows Manager adds additional features to the Windows taskbar and system tray.


  • Taskbar sorter that arranges taskbar buttons
  • Keep windows always on top of other windows
  • Send any window to the system tray
  • Make any window transparent
  • Tweak the taskbar appearance
  • Hide any window
  • Switch active window faster
  • Improves productivity by making frequently-used applications faster to locate

Download and install from the XNeat Homepage

To adjust the settings right click the XNeat icon in the system tray and choose Settings

Choose which settings you want to adjust and click Options

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How To Use Windows Malicious Software Utility

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is a free tool which helps to remove specific malicious software from computers which run Windows operating systems. After it is installed, it silently runs in the background and removes the malicious software that it finds. When the detection and removal process is complete, the tool generates a report describing the outcome of the scan. It’s actually a free but basic anti-virus, anti-worm and anti-Trojan security utility that is provided by Microsoft to protect and secure Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 system by way of post infection removal.

Where To Find MRT.EXE

By default, the tool can be found in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Once you open this location, search for a file called mrt.exe. If you don’t find this file, it means that this tool is not installed on your PC. In this case you can download it directly from the Microsoft Download Center. The 64 bit version can be found here.

How To Use It

After opening MRT.EXE, you’ll see the Welcome window, click Next.

Now you need to select the type of scan you want the tool to perform. You have three possible options: Quick scan, Full scan and Customized scan. If you did not scan your PC before and you don’t have a reliable antivirus solution installed, you might want to select Full scan. Once you selected the option you prefer, click Next.

It will start scanning your computer and show you the status of the scan. If malicious software has modified (or infected) user files on the computer, the tool will prompt you to remove the malicious software from those files. You can choose to clean specific files or all infected files found. Note that some data loss is possible during this process and that the tool may not be able to restore some files to the original, pre-infection state.

When finished you will see the results. In my case, no malicious software was detected. Now click Finish and the tool will close.

The program does not have any shortcut in Start Menu nor desktop or Quick Launch area. Actually WMSRT runs in the background once every month without your knowledge, if you have installed MSRT. If you feel like running the tool to check your system manually for frequency more than once a month, or suspecting your system is infected and want to run the MSRT to clean the infection, or simply want to display view the results of the scan (by default everything is silent unless infected), you can manually execute and run the tool with the following command:


You can type this program name in command prompt, or Run command box, or in Start Search in Vista. Note that users must log on to the computer by using an account that is a member of the Administrators group to use the Malicious Software Removal Tool. In Vista, user needs to give User Account Control permission to continue.

WMSRT MRT.exe supports four command line switches listed below, which is optional and most of the time not necessary unless you’re administrator for corporate network:

  • /Q or /quiet – Use quiet mode. This option suppresses the user interface of the tool.
  • /? – Display a dialog box that lists the command-line switches.
  • /N – Run in detect-only mode. In this mode, malicious software will be reported to the user but will not be removed.
  • /F – Force an extended scan of the computer.
  • /F:Y – Force an extended scan of the computer and automatically clean any infections found.


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Make A Promise To Go Green And Get 250 GB Free File Hosting

I pledge to send documents online rather than printing them. Do you?

SmashingApps and FileDropper are teaming up to do their part for the environment. Average American consumes more than 700 pounds of paper per year, highest compared to anywhere else in the world.  Hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down per day to support the consumption of paper that can be easily avoided.

Make a promise to go green as I am here and get a reward that makes the earth as well as life for yourself e little greener.

It’s all free and you just have to click the below link for more details.

Make A Promise To Go Green And Get 250 GB Free File Hosting

All you have to do to get your free 250 GB file hosting accounts is to make a pledge about going green.  When doing your pledge please post a link to this post.  You can make a pledge in any of the following ways…
Post it on Twitter, post it on your blog, or post a video of it on YouTube, or create a picture and post it on Flickr. You can make your promise anyway you like as long as we can verify it.
Once you have made the pledge post the link to your promise in the comments below sign up for your free file hosting account using this form and  sign up for your free file hosting account using this form you will need to enter “smashingapps” in the special code field. The last date to create your free account will be Friday, January 30, 2009.

Easily download videos from YouTube

Download a YouTube video from any web page with PWNYouTube

FLV or MP4

  • No software
  • No copy/paste
  • Any computer

How to download from YouTube.com:

  1. View a video on YouTube.
  2. In the URL location box, type pwn in front of youtube, and enter.
  3. Get links to download the video!


How to download videos from youtube

The PWN YouTube website is not affiliated with YouTube.com

WhoCrashed: Free Crash Dump Analyzer for Windows

WhoCrashed reveals the drivers responsible for crashing your computer.

Whenever a computer running Windows suddenly reboots without displaying any notice or blue screen of death, the first thing that is often though about is a hardware failure. In reality, most crashes are caused by malfunctioning device drivers and kernel modules. In case of a kernel error, most computers running Windows do not show a blue screen unless they are configured to do so. Instead these systems suddenly reboot without any notice.

WhoCrashed shows the drivers which have been crashing your computer with a single click. In most cases it can pinpoint the offending drivers which have been causing misery on your computer system in the past. It does post-mortem crashdump analysis and presents all gathered information in a comprehensible way.

Normally, debugging skills and a set of debugging tools are required to do post-mortem crash dump analysis. By using this utility you do not need any debugging skills to be able to find out what drivers are causing trouble to your computer.

WhoCrashed cannot be always 100% sure about the drivers which are responsible for crashing your computer. Because all kernel modules run in the same address space, a kernel module is able to corrupt another. Also, a driver may be able to cause problems to another driver which runs in the same device stack. So keep in mind this software is not guaranteed to identify the culprit in every case but most often it does.

WhoCrashed relies on the Windows Debugging Package (WinDbg) from Microsoft. If this is not installed, WhoCrashed will download and extract this package automatically for you.

WhoCrashed Home Edition

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Free Spam Filter for Outlook and Outlook Express

SPAMfighter has partnered up with Microsoft to build the strongest, safest, and most effective anti spam filter on the market. If you use Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail and you want to get rid of spam, just install SPAMfighter. And if you use it at home, it’s 100% free.

Whenever new mail arrives, it will automatically be tested by SPAMfighter, and if it’s spam, it will be moved to your spam folder. If you receive a spam mail that is not detected, click a single button, and the spam mail is removed from the rest of the 5,908,433 SPAMfighters in 224 countries/areas in seconds.

  • SPAMfighter Standard is 100% free for home users
  • Award winning spam filter technology
  • Protects against “phishing“, identity theft, and other email fraud
  • Free automatic updates
  • Used by more than 5 million happy users around the World
  • Protects all the email accounts on your PC
  • Unique language filtering tool that empowers you to stop emails written in specific languages
  • Unique picture filter that can recognize spam which is sent as a picture
  • Automatic “real mail” protection – means no lost business mails!
  • Blacklist domains and emails
  • Spam Abuse Reporting with one click
  • Automatic Whitelist management
  • Privacy Guaranteed – we don’t see any of your email
  • Does not filter based on simple phrases or “trigger” words. Allows any content
  • Language support: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Russian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Japanese, Czech, Thai and Danish

SPAMfighter Home

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Instant Eyedropper

Instant Eyedropper is a free software tool for webmasters that will identify and automatically paste to the clipboard the HTML color code of any pixel on the screen with just a single mouse click.

Save time

Identification the color code of an object on the screen is usually an involved, multistep process: You press the Print Screen key to copy a screenshot to the clipboard, load a graphics-editing program, create a new file, paste the screenshot from the clipboard, zoom in on the object, use the “Pick Color” tool, and finally copy the HTML code of the color to the clipboard.

Webmasters may repeat this operation many times a day. Just imagine how much time can be saved by using Instant Eyedropper to do the same thing With a Single Click!

How it works

  1. Move the mouse pointer to the Instant Eyedropper icon in the system tray.
  2. Press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse pointer to the pixel whose color you want to identify.
  3. Release the mouse button.

That’s it. The clipboard now contains the color code – in HTML format (or any other format that you have previously specified). It can be pasted and used in any text or HTML editor or the Color Picker tool of Photoshop.

Download Instant Eyedropper Absolutely Free! (415KB)

Download Instant Eyedropper Pro (375KB)