EULAlyzer 2.0 released!

Javacool Software EULAlyzer 2.o

Making EULAs Easy

Discover if the software you’re about to install displays pop-up ads, transmits personally identifiable information, uses unique identifiers to track you, or much much more. EULAlyzer can analyze license agreements in seconds, and provide a detailed listing of potentially interesting words and phrases.

EULAlyzer 2.0 Release Notes

  • Faster performance (especially when scanning and saving EULAs)
  • An improved “Capture Text” method, that automatically gets out of your way
  • Enhancements to EULA-Watch to support more installers
  • User-specific settings and Saved EULA databases
  • Runs great on low-privilege accounts (no more occasional permissions errors if running on XP or Vista with a limited/Standard user account)
  • Interface improvements
  • Full Vista compatibility

This release also packages numerous additional bug fixes, including:

  • FIX: Occasional problems submitting EULAs to the EULA Research Center
  • FIX: Top program title incorrectly changes text color based on custom windows themes
  • FIX: Occasional crashes with additional right-click options in My Saved EULAs
  • FIX: It was possible to select multiple EULAs in the My Saved EULAs list
  • FIX: Some program functions were not compatible with low-privilege user accounts
  • FIX: Vista compatibility enhancements (numerous, including fixes for easily capturing license agreements)
  • FIX: All white-space is now removed from beginning + ending of input text, to ensure consistent duplicate detection and analysis
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