ScribeFire Blog Editor

ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog.

Once ScribeFire is installed you will be able to quickly and easily update your blog. Start by opening the Scribefire window in your browser!

When ScribeFire opens, an account wizard will appear to help you connect to your blog. Here is a list of the blogging services that are compatible with ScribeFire. Fill in the required information and submit. Your blog will immediately be listed in the right-hand pane of your browser.

With ScribeFire it’s easy to post to your blog, just enter text in the main editor panel of ScribeFire, give it a title and click the Publish button. That’s all there is to it!

ScribeFire Homepage

Installation instructions

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KidZui – An Internet experience just for kids

Expand your kids online experience with KidZui, the Internet for Kids. KidZui is a Firefox add-on that with one click
turns Firefox into a kid-safe environment with over a million kid-friendly websites, games, pictures, and YouTube videos. Real parents and teachers review content for KidZui so your kids can surf independently. Kids build avatars to express themselves online. They earn points for exploration and discovery. They can tag content and share it with parent-approved friends. When locked down, KidZui prevents kids from closing the browser, downloading files, or opening other applications. This is a great way to let your kids independently explore on Firefox without worrying about them using the adult Internet, or accidentally deleting important files.

KidZui Homepage

KidZui is available for:

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ErrorZilla – Diagnose 404s

ErrorZilla implements a useful error page when a website cannot be reached. Will add Try Again, Google Cache, Coralize, Wayback, Ping, Trace, and Whois buttons, along with the Firefox logo to the error page when a website isn’t found or a web server is down.

Works with: Firefox: 2.0 – 3.0

Homepage: Jay Baldwin Blog

Download: ErrorZilla

Vitut on the Rise

Discovered: April 11, 2007

Latest Rapid Release version February 10, 2009 revision 024

Virut spreads through every exe, scr, mp3, doc, dll, htm, ini, jpg, gif and pretty much every file on a computer. It’s polymorphic, which means it spreads faster than any antivirus can contain it. 99.99% of the time the only solution is a reformat and reinstall. Virut is so aggressive it even infects already infected files with itself. It’s a computer killer…

Viruses belonging to the Virut family also contain an IRC-based backdoor that provides unauthorized access to infected computers.

In short. There is no solution for this other than a reformat and reinstall.

Win32/Virut: Microsoft

Symptoms: The following symptoms may be indicative of a Virus:Win32/Virut infection:

* Network traffic on TCP port 65520 with connection to IRC server, on channel & virtu

* Increase in file size of infected files

* Infected files fail during execution and have a recent modified date property

HijackThis logs will have an F2 entry similar to this.

F2 – REG:system.ini: UserInit=C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exe,C:\WINDO WS\TEMP\init.exe,

Dr. Web CureIt will show many files like this. Notice that these aren’t just some random files. Pretty much sums it up…

imagination studio.scr;c:\windows;Win32.Virut.56;Cured.;
xpnetdiag.exe;c:\windows\network diagnostic;Win32.Virut.56;Cured.;
cisvc.exe;c:\windows\system32;Win32.Virut.56;Cured .;
logon.scr;c:\windows\system32;Win32.Virut.56;Cured .;

It says cured but that isn’t true. Virut spreads back to the newly cured files so it’s a never ending process of cleaning and infecting.

It’s believed to have started from a p2p web site or sites. One malware removal forum is saying they are at about 40% of their users requesting help are infected with Virut right now. Since it also spreads via IRC the longer they wait to wipe the drive the more users there are getting infected.

Waiting or trying to clean it just gives it that much longer to infect others. Enough users have it now that the IRC-based backdoor part has zombified many who haven’t figured out they are infected yet. Even seemingly clean email/chat attachments from known good sources can be infected.

If you have a shared folder for your p2p then that is a gateway for the IRC to connect to you, spread itself, and zombie your computer or network.

There is NO safe cure for this. If you see one file infected with Virut immediately disconnect from the Internet and start reformatting and reinstall.

This probably won’t go away any time soon but all major AV vendors have supposedly updated to block this new variation.

Good luck!


GeeMail – Desktop client for gmail

Access gmail outside the browser!

GeeMail is an Adobe AIR Desktop Application that lets you access Gmail outside the browser with the same interface and keyboard shortcuts as that of the Google’s Gmail.You don’t need to configure POP and IMAP settings like traditional email clients but just login similar to that of Gmail.

Features :

  • Same interface and shortcut keys as orginal GMail.
  • Compose and send mail offline.
  • Cross Platform.
  • No configuration required.

Download GeeMail

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Add tags to files in Windows using TaggedFrog

TaggedFrog for Windows is a free file and document tagging application.

We all know about the tags and use them every day – they are everywhere on the Web. These short words make life easier – so, why not to use this concept on our personal computers?

Based on the convenient drag’n’drop technique, TaggedFrog allows you to organize your files, documents and Web links. Just add objects to the library and tag them with any keywords. That’s it. You can forget the file name or where the file is located, but don’t worry – the tags will find the file for you.

You can tag Web links, Microsoft Office documents, PDF documents and images. In fact, you can tag any kind of file. And if you wish, you can tag each and every file on your hard drive!

TaggedFrog application is free. With TaggedFrog you can tag everything!

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Windows Task Manager Replacements

The Windows Task Manager is a tool that provides detailed information about computer performance and running applications, processes and CPU usage, commit charge and memory information, network activity and statistics, logged-in users, and system services.

Here are some free tools that go way beyond the normal Task Manager abilities. Have a look at them all and choose one or more depending on what you like.

AnVir Task Manager

Process Explorer


MKN TaskExplorer

Free Extended Task Manager

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