McAfee Stinger Conficker Edition

If you think you might be infected by the Conficker Worm then this tool is for you.

In the run up to April 1st, McAfee is offering a special build of its stand-alone cleaning tool christened Stinger which will be updated on a daily basis to include any undetected Conficker variants from the wild.

Please ensure that your copy of Microsoft Windows is patched and security software is fully up to date to ensure that April 1st 2009, is a day like any other day!

Download: McAfee AVERT Stinger Conficker

How to use McAfee Stinger


Keep yourself safe on with WOT – Web Of Trust

We all know that is a great place to find interesting, new and sometimes funny content. What might be less known is that the articles submitted to Digg are not screened for malicious content in the articles. They have no way of warning users that there is software that might harm your computer or scam you out of money. This to me is a major flaw in the content screening at Malware authors and spammers have been freely exploiting Digg users with little or no resistance.

Enter WOT – Web Of Trust. WOT is a free Internet security addon for Firefox and Internet Explorer. It will help keep you safe from online scams, identity theft, spyware, spam, viruses and unreliable shopping sites. Once you install WOT and you visit you will see the WOT ratings next to each article. This is a quick and effective way to determine if the person submitting the article is of a trusted source, if they are unknown and most important if they are a known bad character a to be avoided.

Example of the WOT ratings seen on Digg.

For more information on how WOT works, adjusting the settings and more visit the WOT Support web page for an easy to understand guide to using WOT or dsee the WOT Video Demo.

WOT Home
Download WOT
WOT Blog
WOT Community Forums


Close ‘n’ Forget Firefox add on

Very simple add-on that closes the current tab and make Firefox forget about the visit. While Stealther and Distrust require you to turn on private browsing, what if you happen to enter a site that you wished you would not ever had? Close ‘n’ Forget comes to the rescue. Just click the special close button once
you are finished and the web site will be deleted from history and the cookie cleared as if you had never been there.

After installing the extension, find the new “close” button in the toolbar customization panel and drop it in your prefered place. Optionaly, you can add an entry in the contextual menu of each page.


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Test your flash drive with Check Flash

Check Flash is a small, stand alone, portable utility designed to check the health of flash drives. It is a very nice little tool, that allows you to check the speed of the drive, and make sure all areas of memory works as it should. Check Flash can also run a readability test on the drive and save/load an image of the files on the drive for backup purposes. Check Flash (Chkflsh), which can be downloaded from the authors page.

Is Twitter the new evil?

First it was MySpace, then FaceBook and now Twitter has taken off like wildfire. From best friend or even a complete stranger to members of congress, you can follow their daily routine all on your cell phone or computer. I am a fan of social sites and have an account on all of them. I didn’t join to let my friends know that I’m in any certain mood or at home, or at work, or back home or in another mood. I joined because you have to be a member to use the search functions.

How can we tell our children that MySpace and it’s clones are something to be used with caution when they see adults acting out not in the same way, but in the “adult” equivalence when it comes to allowing and wanting possibly thousands of strangers  to have access to your every thought and move.

Beside the fact that cell phones are banned in almost all court rooms it doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent for those who have gotten the Twitter addiction. Here are a few examples of the “tweets” and how they, in my opinion, are being used in uncomplimentary manors.

Jurors’ Twitter posts worry trial lawyers Around the USA there is currently not just one, but multiple courts held up in possible mistrials because of a juror Twittering either during deliberations or on every break. It’s not just compromising a fair trial but wasting a lot of tax dollars that should be reserved for, oh I don’t know, police officers, firefighters, EMT workers?

I myself find this the most disturbing. Juror tweets $12.6M verdict. I’m not a lawyer but wouldn’t have a problem arguing that the $12.6M payout was in part awarded so that this juror could have a ground shaking “tweet” to share with his followers.

I do think it’s pretty cool that Mike Wilson, a passenger on the Continental Airlines flight that skidded off the runway in Denver was able to instantly tweet to his family that he was OK and I am mildly amused at the NBA star who got chewed out by his coach for letting a tweet go live during the halftime break, but when I next see on the news that congress or my local lawmakers are using our tax dollars to pass laws on when it is and isn’t appropriate totwitter I’m only going to hope that those caught breaking the law in some way have to pay back some of my tax dollars wasted on their personal greed.


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Avira has launched its new Version 9!

Avira has launched its new Version 9!. The free version has ad/spyware protection!

Avira has launched its new Version 9. Benefit from extra features and more security – without any additional costs! Version changes are always free of charge for Avira customers. If you are not a customer of Avira, you have no more excuses now.

Any questions on the change to the new version? -> Click here



Comodo System-Cleaner – Home

!!Caution!! This tool includes a Registry Cleaning feature. Unless you are 100% confident in cleaning your Registry then simply leave it alone!

NEW from Comodo. System Cleaner Disk Registry Cleaner Speed Up PCs by Comodo

Comodo System Cleaner is a powerful suite of utilities and tools that allows
you to make your Windows XP or Vista computer faster, more efficient
and more secure.

All I can say is WOW!!! This is one feature packed
FREE tool. Be careful with it and as always if you aren’t 100% sure of
what you are seeing then just step away from the mouse before you do
something silly.

CSC allows users of all experience levels to thoroughly clean their
systems of damaging and/or wasteful files, boost system performance and
unlock the full power of any Windows XP or Vista computer.

CSC is a complete registry, disk and privacy cleaner

Comodo System-Cleaner contains a fully featured Registry Cleaner that removes
corrupt and obsolete registry entries – often the cause of system
instability and slow down. The Disk Clean utility allows you to free up
disk space and improve system performance by thoroughly removing temp,
archive, duplicate and other useless files. Comodo Privacy Cleaner
keeps your personal details safe and sound by comprehensively clearing
all traces of private data from Internet browsers, Instant Messenger
and Windows software.

CSC is a Windows Tweaker

Through its single interface, you can fine tune and improve virtually every
aspect of Windows behavior, functionality and performance. You get
fingertip access to important controls and settings that are either not
available or are very difficult to find in Windows XP or Vista –
without the need to manually navigate through multiple Windows menus.

CSC is a Security Toolkit

CSC goes beyond the scope of most tweaking and cleaning software by
providing additional security utilities to safeguard your privacy and
system security – including permanent file deletion and hash value
calculation tools.

Did we mention that it’s 100% free?

Download Comodo System-Cleaner – Free license for life

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