Is Twitter the new evil?

First it was MySpace, then FaceBook and now Twitter has taken off like wildfire. From best friend or even a complete stranger to members of congress, you can follow their daily routine all on your cell phone or computer. I am a fan of social sites and have an account on all of them. I didn’t join to let my friends know that I’m in any certain mood or at home, or at work, or back home or in another mood. I joined because you have to be a member to use the search functions.

How can we tell our children that MySpace and it’s clones are something to be used with caution when they see adults acting out not in the same way, but in the “adult” equivalence when it comes to allowing and wanting possibly thousands of strangers  to have access to your every thought and move.

Beside the fact that cell phones are banned in almost all court rooms it doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent for those who have gotten the Twitter addiction. Here are a few examples of the “tweets” and how they, in my opinion, are being used in uncomplimentary manors.

Jurors’ Twitter posts worry trial lawyers Around the USA there is currently not just one, but multiple courts held up in possible mistrials because of a juror Twittering either during deliberations or on every break. It’s not just compromising a fair trial but wasting a lot of tax dollars that should be reserved for, oh I don’t know, police officers, firefighters, EMT workers?

I myself find this the most disturbing. Juror tweets $12.6M verdict. I’m not a lawyer but wouldn’t have a problem arguing that the $12.6M payout was in part awarded so that this juror could have a ground shaking “tweet” to share with his followers.

I do think it’s pretty cool that Mike Wilson, a passenger on the Continental Airlines flight that skidded off the runway in Denver was able to instantly tweet to his family that he was OK and I am mildly amused at the NBA star who got chewed out by his coach for letting a tweet go live during the halftime break, but when I next see on the news that congress or my local lawmakers are using our tax dollars to pass laws on when it is and isn’t appropriate totwitter I’m only going to hope that those caught breaking the law in some way have to pay back some of my tax dollars wasted on their personal greed.


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