Google container data center tour

Google uploaded a video tour to YouTube of one of its container data centers. This video was first presented at the Google Efficient Data Centers Summit. Pretty impressive.

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Foxmarks is now Xmarks

Bookmark sync plus a whole lot more with Xmarks.
  • The evolution of Foxmarks
    We’re changing our name to better reflect our support for all major browsers and our new Web Discovery features. Think of it as a two-letter shortening 😉
  • Same great bookmark sync and backup
    Xmarks seamlessly syncs and backs up your bookmarks with all the same features you love from Foxmarks. Don’t worry, we’re hard at work making browser sync better, faster, and more comprehensive.
  • Full compatibility with other Foxmarks versions
    Xmarks syncs perfectly with your existing Foxmarks account and Foxmarks add-ons for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
  • Thanks for your patience!
    You’ll notice that is still a separate site. In the coming weeks we’ll be fully rebranding the Foxmarks site to Xmarks.

Xmarks works across multiple browsers. Xmarks can synchronize your bookmarks between Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari! Visit our download page to get started.


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