Celebrity malware

The latest and numerous celebrity deaths are something that is bringing out all of the cyber scammers in the fact that they are, as usual, showing no respect for anyone alive or dead. These criminals pray on peoples kindness and curiosity to gain a quick buck. The US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) has already begun to receive reports of spam and malicious e-mail attacks mainly targeting the deaths of actress Fawcett and pop legend Jackson.

Below are only a few examples and links of just what lengths the scammers are going to in order to lure the unsuspecting into their trap.

The cyber security company Websense, Inc. warns against spam e-mails offering exclusive videos and pictures of Michael Jacksons death. The emails are nothing more than an attempt at tricking people into downloading malware onto their computer. There is also spam circulating of a bogus CNN web page that contains a link to a malicious Web page.

SophosLabs reported spam messages using the death of Michael Jackson in the subject line and body part to harvest victims’ email addresses.

Lavasoft is reporting a website which uses both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson to trick users into downloading a streamviewer.exe application.

Security specialists Symantec Corporation recommends that you only visit sites you are familiar with and trust. Don’t click on every link you see in an email related to these stories before knowing they are safe and always keep your antivirus, firewall and Windows up to date!

Ultimately it comes down to being careful on the Internet. If you are concerned about your current security settings and software see Keeping Yourself Safe On The Web for tips and good FREE reliable security software. Install a site ratings tool like Wot – Web of Trust to help insure the website you are visiting it really what it claims to be.


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