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File Inspect Library beta is a comprehensive list of Windows files commonly found when you look at the Windows Task Manager. Normally you need to use a service such as Google to find out what these sometimes strange looking tasks are for and if they can be safely stopped and/or removed. The Google method is reliable but to an average or new computer user it can be a daunting and downright confusing process.

The File Inspect Library developers try to not only provide general process descriptions, but also offer tips and fixes for possible problems. You can simply just browse the file database or for example, go to and do a search for svchost.exe you will find an article that explains what svchost.exe is, what it does, and how to fix svchost issues.

Users can contribute to the website by rating processes either safe, unsafe or dangerous and by leaving comments, asking questions, and suggesting possible fixes for process-related errors.

Remember that the File Inspect Library is still in Beta and processes descriptions are still being added. Also not all processes yet have a detailed article describing them. At this time some of the descriptions are still very vague but it’s clear that the File Inspect Library developers are working to make this a very useful web site.



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  1. Michael Says:

    Thank you.
    This library more useful then other suach as, processlibrary, etc.

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