Koobface is back….on Twitter

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The Koobface worm is back. This time it’s on Twitter.

Here’s how it works:

1. You get a tweet from a friend with the text:

  • My home video :);
  • Michael Jackson’ testament on youtube, or
  • Watch my new private video! LOL :).

2. You click the link and go to a Facebook page with a video.

3. You run the video.

4. You get infected. Then every time you log into Twitter, Koobface sends similar tweets to all your friends to infect them.

Story on Zdnet.com

If you think you are infected with Koobface download, install and update SUPERAntiSpyware Free then run a full system scan and remove anything found.

If you need help then visit the Computer-Juice Malware Removal Forum and ask for free help.

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