F-Secure Health Check

F-Secure Health Check

Keeping your Windows OS updated has become relatively simple with Microsoft Updates. Web browsers such as Firefox also regularly prompt for updates.

But what about the rest of your applications? F-Secure Health Check will tell you if your computer is protected. It checks that you have up to date security applications and finds vulnerabilities in your installed software. It then guides you to a solution when issues are discovered.

F-Secure Health Check is an online service which

  • Checks whether you have an Anti-Virus, Firewall and Anti-Spyware software installed on your computer
  • Checks whether you have known vulnerabilities in your applications
  • Checks whether you have applications that are no longer supported by the vendor
  • Helps you fix the vulnerabilities found.

See the full: Health Check FAQ

Health Check currently requires Internet Explorer. Additional browser support will be added in the future but you can use Firefox with the IE Tab add-on.

The official Health Check launch page: http://www.f-secure.com/healthcheck/

Click here to launch Health Check directly.


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  1. Connie Ham Says:

    I like the F-secure Health Check, it’s fast, and like you said. . helps you fix the vulnerabilities found. That’s the best part.

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