A rouge security test site?

You betcha! I started seeing new topics about a newly released “independent” report from Malware Research Group and as soon as I started reading the report it was apparent that there was something underhanded going on. First, how can you test antimalware software against antivirus against security suites? Anyone who has done just a little research on the security software they use can determine that each one has a different set of definitions/behavior that it detects. It’s irresponsible to present tests in the manner they have done and nothing they report should be taken seriously.

See the report here: MRG Rogue Software Test

After reading the report be sure to check out at least the first page of this topic at the Wilders Security Forums. This is an example of how to NOT be taken seriously.

: Since posting this there has been a lot of discussion at the Wilders forum about a multitude of questions related to the MRG tests. I encourage anyone to read all of the replies and decide for yourself.


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  3. Flenov Says:

    To make a security test I prefer to use CyD Network Utilities (http://cydsoft.com/products.php?product=13). Highly recommend for all WEB developers. Every one could make mistake, but the program allows you to check yourself before publishing the code on WEB server.

  4. YoungBolo Says:

    I totally agree, non serious fake tests promoting choosen products, methodoloty is take from nowhere not strict, no “simulator” access, all looks strange,
    It’s better to avid MRG in my opinion!!!

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