Are your Firefox plug-ins up-to-date?

I found this on the Avira TechBlog and think it’s a very nice addition to other scanners like the Secunia OSI.

Although I disagree with MS adding third party drivers to Windows Updates it looks like Mozilla is (and quietly has been) following suit in “thinking for us” when third party software updates are needed. No matter if we want them or not!

Important! As of this posting Firefox 3 did warn of an invalid certificate because the Plugin Check isn’t final yet. Although, the site is safe. Mozilla will hopefully fix the certificate very soon.

The Mozilla Foundation has published a Plugin Check for web browser plug-ins. Just by visiting the web site you can immediately see if your plug-ins are up-to-date (green), outdated but without known vulnerabilities (yellow) or if they are known to have security holes and are outdated (red).

The check is supposed to work for Java, Adobe Reader, Flash, Shockwave, QuickTime, Windows Media Player and DivX. Supported operating systems are Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. If a plug-in is outdated, you can click on the button next to it to be sent to the manufacturer’s homepage and fetch the update.


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