Add-ons Blocklist | Mozilla

UPDATE: Mozilla has now removed the extensions from the block list after Microsoft clarified some information in its bulletin on how Firefox users were affected. More information: Mozilla unblocks one sneaky Microsoft add-on

I just got a pop up in Firefox saying it’s blocked some Microsoft add-ons because of high security risks.

Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 1.1
Windows Presentation Foundation 3.5.30729.1

The two add-ons were automatically added to Firefox as a part of recent Windows updates without approval from the user (us) or explaining what they do and if they are actually needed. Microsoft even goes so far as to change the user agent string of Firefox by appending the user’s current .NET framework version to the end of the existing string!

Now it looks like Mozilla has had enough with Microsoft’s antics and have decided to fight back by disabling these unneeded and unauthorized add-ons. Here is the page you go to when clicking ‘More information.’ Add-ons Blocklist | Mozilla

I wonder if this is a big war in the making? As long as our browsers don’t become the battle field then let them go at each other. Ultimately a war should make a better, stronger browser for everyone no matter if you use IE or Firefox. At least that’s my hopes.

Edit: The officail Mozilla blog post. .NET Framework Assistant Blocked to Disarm Security Vulnerability