The Ultimate Geek TaskForce!

The Ultimate Geek TaskForce! is a fairly new and helpful forum dedicated to all things security. A daunting task in these days when computer help forums are plentiful.

Why The Ultimate Geek TaskForce? Well if you have ever posted on a help forum  for help removing malware then you know the waiting time can be up to a week. Since this website is “less traveled” you can usually get an answer and maybe even cured withing an hour. Not only for your malware ailments but with any computer issue from the beginner tips to something that may be a bit more geeky like error codes to hardware issues.

Be on the safe side and have an expert examine your computer for malware. Just run the scans in the Read before posting your log topic and then post the logs in the Malware/Threat Removal forum.

Membership is free. All you have to do is create an account (2 minutes time) and post your question. The Ultimate Geek TaskForce!