Unlocker 1.8.9

I blogged a while back about a tool called LockHunter and praised it because unlike Unlocker it was 64bit compatible. Well Unlocker has now updated and is x64 compatible.

Note: It still does not work on my Windows 7 64 bit.


– Fixed bug: Handles should not be missing anymore on Windows7.
– Fixed bug: Potential conflict with regular explorer use when opening multiple files or other shell extensions such as 7-zip.
– Fixed bug: UI should now appear properly when done from clean install.
– Fixed bug: No hangs due to looping junctions should happen anymore.
– Fixed bug: Deleting junctions will not erase original files anymore.
– Fixed bug: Managing your computer on Windows 7 will not crash anymore.
– Fixed bug: Bitmap handles should not leak anymore from the shell extension.
– Fixed bug: Many other potential sources of bugs and crashes.
– Improved behavior: When deleting files they will be sent first to the recycle bin if possible, only if not possible more abrasive deletion will be used.
– Improved behavior: Unlocker can be started directly from the start menu to browse to the desired file or folder.
Promotional feature: Added fully optional shortcuts to eBay during the installation. Simply untick “eBay shortcuts” in the choose components page during install if you do not wish to have those.


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