It’s Time to Rock Your Firefox!

A new website from Firefox called Rock Your Firefox!

More details at the Mozilla Add-ons Blog.

Welcome to Rock Your Firefox, a place for Firefox users to discover cool new add-ons, or just learn what add-ons are all about.

Here are some more specifics about Rock Your Firefox:

  • Who this is for: Rock Your Firefox is for anyone who uses Firefox to browse the Web.
  • What we are featuring: Rock Your Firefox will feature add-ons developed by the awesome Firefox Add-ons developer community. To provide the best level of security and user-experience to our visitors, we will only feature Firefox Add-ons that have been reviewed, tested, and approved by the AMO editorial team. If you would like more information on the Firefox Add-ons review process, read this blog post by Jorge Villalobos.
  • Why Rock Your Firefox:  Over a hundred million people worldwide have downloaded nearly 2 billion add-ons. We created Rock Your Firefox as a way to showcase the amazing depth, breadth, and power of Firefox Add-ons in a simple and friendly way that even my mom would understand.
  • How it began: Rock Your Firefox was originally a Facebook application launched by Mozilla in 2007 to let add-on fans share their favorite add-ons with their friends and discover new ways to customize Firefox. Although we retired this application several months ago, we liked its strong branding so much that we decided to revive it for this exciting new site.
  • When & Where is this launching: Rock Your Firefox goes live today, March 10, 2010. We’ll be talking about it at SXSW Interactive March 12-13. Feel free to stop by our Firefox Add-ons All-You-Can-Mini-Golf Meetup on March 12, or come to the official Mozilla party at the Cedar Door on March 13 to see live demos of the site.

You can find out more about Rock Your Firefox by reading our intro post on To keep in touch, subscribe to our feed and follow us on Twitter @rockyourfirefox. Finally, if you have an add-on that you would like to feature on Rock Your Firefox, send us a note at

Let’s Rock!

Julie Shin Choi, Firefox Add-ons Marketing


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