Keep your Firefox Plugins up to date!

We can check your plugins and stuff


18 Responses to “Keep your Firefox Plugins up to date!”

  1. Ranjan Says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Remember me…?
    Just came across your blog… Nice…
    Btw, i need your help.. No no, i’m not infected..
    I downloaded a file named 3D Analyze which may help you run a game whose requirements are higher than what you’ve.. The prob. is that when i uploaded it to virustotal, 2 out of 40 scanners flagged it as backdoor trojan.. It may be a false positive but don’t wanna take risk.. You know na, once infected with backdoor, its hard to trust pc again..
    So, can you have it analysed..? If it’s clean, it can be of great help for me…

    • Kevin Says:

      Give me a link to the software homepage and I will check it out. The only downloads I can find are from random file sharing sites or are links from forums. I don’t trust those.


  2. Ranjan Says:

    Thanks Kevin for support…
    Well, i don’t know about it’s homepage, even googling doesn’t help more but i can tell you the site from where i downloaded it..

    Should i upload it too for you?

  3. Ranjan Says:

    May be your right but there’s no any discussion about the infection issue…

    • Kevin Says:

      I understand. TCF has a very reliable staff of malware removal experts. If there is someone posting about software that is infected or dangerous they will either remove the post(s) or warn other users that it’s not to be trusted.

      If it was something that I needed I would install it on my own computer. I’ve scanned it with Kaspersky and Malwarebytes and both came up clean.

  4. Ranjan Says:

    Okay Kevin… I’ll install it..
    You again cleared my doubts.. Your awesome man… Thanks a lot!

  5. Ranjan Says:

    Thanks again and btw are you using windows 7?

  6. Ranjan Says:

    Heard about vulnerability in aero (cdd.dll) ???

  7. Ranjan Says:

    Ya ya… So did u turn off the aero??

    • Kevin Says:

      No. It sounds like a pretty slim chance that anyone will discover and use the exploit.

  8. Ranjan Says:

    He he.. Same here… Afterall, it’s just too sweet to resist…
    And btw, i succeeded in playing the game which i bought and which i thought could never with this tiny and wonderful app- 3D Analyze… 😀
    Thanks Kevin..

    • Kevin Says:

      Your welcome. Glad you got the game working. That’s a good piece of software to remember for the future.

  9. Ranjan Says:

    Ya that’s for sure and i’m definitely keeping this… 😀
    Have a nice day/night Kevin..

  10. Smite Evil Says:

    RARELY are plug-ins (as opposed to extensions for anyone who has still failed to grasp the distinction) necessary.

    Adobe is making the flash platform more untrustworthy. I disable- or remove all the other plug-ins.

    It’s my workstation; I’m the ultimate arbiter of permission.

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