Clean Windows 7 Start Menu with Start Menu Cleaner

Article Source: The Windows Club| July 28th, 2010 – Clean Windows 7 Start Menu with Start Menu Cleaner

Start Menu Cleaner is a freeware utility, which cleans the start menu by removing un-needed empty shortcuts and folders.

Most applications add folders and shortcuts to the start menu. The problem is, when you remove a program, sometimes its folders and shortcuts remain in the start menu.

After a while, this can make the start menu messy and cluttered up. Start Menu Cleaner scans all shortcuts in your start menu and removes empty folders and shortcuts which points to files that no longer exist. The result is a smaller, cleaner and more efficient start menu.

Download: Start Menu Cleaner.

* I tried it on my Windows 7 and it worked well. This utility requires MSVBVM50.DLL, so you may have to download it from the link given in its home page, in case your version of Windows does not have it, and place it in your Windows folder.


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  2. goodreggi Says:

    I like a start menu cleaner better than manually doing this because of the time it would take to find the indiviual files but I am not a hugh fan of using free programs on my OS they usually give more trouble than they are worth for example my open office program works great except the macros don’t work now I still have to buy Microsoft’s product
    P.S. with free programs most of the time you get no support my office program could be fixed just no support.

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