How to delete your online Google Play music library

Being a fan of Google and owning an Android it was a no-brainer that I install and use the Google Play Music app. I thoroughly keep my music metadata very clean and matching each album. But when I uploaded my music library it made a mess of about 25 to 30 albums. The matadata functions in the Google Play Music website does not offer much in the way of cleaning up your metadata tags. So I figured the best and easiest thing for me to do was delete the entire library, clean up the offending metadata tags with MediaMonkey and start over with a newly uploaded library.

It took a little while with plenty of web searches but I finally found the answer on how to delete the entire music library at once and it’s very simple!

  1. Open the online Music Player.
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen click the little gear (Options).
  3. Click Music Settings
  4. Click Delete my library (don’t do this if you have purchased any music from the Google Play Store).

That’s it. A clean Google Play music library.

Now if I can just find an easy way of removing my library from the Android. No matter what I do I can not get rid of the entire thing. I even created a blank folder and tried to sync that but it wouldn’t work. Back to Google again…



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  1. Christian Kaderud Says:

    If you have a rooted phone you can remove the databases from “/data/data/”

    I removed all files and as far as I can see, the media scanning has recreated them and filled them with only correct data.

    If your phone isn’t rooted, I’m afraid I haven’t found a solution yet.

    • Kevin Says:

      Thanks Christian. I’ll check that out later. đŸ˜‰

      I did find that if you wait a while (24 hours?) that the correct music library will appear in your phones library. My issue is I sometimes just want to wipe the whole library in the phone and start over. How to do that is still a mystery.

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