How many apps of your have permission to access your private information?

I was using StumbleUpon when I stumbled across a website called

The title of the web page was enough to get me to have a closed look. “Take 2 Minutes to Clean Your Apps Permissions” which lists some popular applications and sites in which we may have granted permission to access our personal information. Google, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Any application that has permission to access your personal information in your profile on different websites potentially puts that information at risk on being stolen or “Phished.” Facebook for example could put your friends’ information at risk as well.

MyPermissions doesn’t ask for your personal information or login details. You simply fill out that information once you arrive at each of the services website. Then you can easily revoke access from the permissions page.

MyPermissions will also let you sign up for a monthly email reminder to check your apps permissions helping you keep your private information your own. The email reminder will come at the first of every month.

Head over to and tighten up your security. It’s quick, easy and you and your friends will be thankful.

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5 Responses to “How many apps of your have permission to access your private information?”

  1. Joe Says:

    Thanks for that! 🙂

  2. DonnaB Says:

    Oh my! I realized only now, how many apps I’ve approved!

    Thanks Kevin! 🙂

    • Kevin Says:

      Your welcome.

      I was surprised also when I discovered there were some apps from my old iPod touch that still had access to my Google information! That stuff should be removed when you uninstall an app but I guess not always.

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