Secunia PSI 3.0

This is a obviously a brand new build since it has a very different GUI from 2.0. I’m not sure I like it and hopefully they will add new features make navigating in the program a bit more like version 2.0.

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This looks like a useful website to bookmark. It appears they use WOT Scorecards in part of their privacy scan.

This description is taken from

Our free website privacy test report is divided into three sections to help you make decisions as to how trustworthy a website is.

Anonymously test any website to learn how much of your personal data is tracked.

See full description at

To preserve server resources and to prevent abuse we may limit the number of free privacy tests you can perform.  If you receive a message that you have exceeded the free privacy test limit, please wait at least one hour and try again.

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VirusTotal for Android

This is pretty cool and I would encourage everyone to check it out. Be sure to create an account at VirusTotal so you can submit unknown apps to the scanner and make everyones device using the VirusTotal app safer.

VirusTotal for Android checks the applications installed in your Android phone against VirusTotal (

It will inform you about malware (virus, trojans, worms) on your phone   and allows you to upload any unknown applications to VirusTotal. In   other words, VirusTotal for Android will get your applications scanned   by more than 40 antivirus, flagging any undesired content.

Please note that VirusTotal for Android does not provide real-time   protection and, so, is no substitute for any antivirus product, just a   second opinion regarding your apps.

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