Use Bing, Get Real Rewards!

Update! Thanks to Andy from for catching this.


The Program is open to users who reside in the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia and who are at least thirteen (13) years of age.

I have officially switched to the Bing Search Engine and not just for the perks. Google does a lot of thinking for users and it has gotten to me… finally! I’m still an avid Google user and fan I just don’t use the Google Search Engine as much as I once did.

I have been a member of the Bing Awards Program for a while now and had collected a few points towards the Bing Rewards Offers. There are a variety of options to earn points. For new rewards members just use the bonus search offers and you can rack up some quick points usually just by clicking a link to a Bing search term. You can also earn up to 20 points a day right now just for using the Bing Search Engine. If you do a lot of searching it’s a pretty easy goal to reach.

Not long after starting to use Bing regularly I “cashed in” my points for two $5 gift cards. I was needing a new dock for my Motorola XOOM Tablet but didn’t really want to put out the $30 they wanted on Amazon for it. Well with my Bing Rewards I now have my new dock and only paid $18 bucks out-of-pocket. Not a bad deal…

You can also earn up to 100 points by referring friends to the Bing Rewards program. So, if anyone is interested please CLICK THIS LINK and join Bing Rewards. In return just post your Bing referral link in a reply in this blog post and I will return the favor.

Thanks and happy searching!

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  1. Kevin (evilfantasy) Says:

    Thank you to whoever joined! 😉

  2. Andy Says:

    Kevin, The Bing Rewards program and Bing Rewards Offers links produce “That web page doesn’t exist”! Can you recheck those dead links. Thanks. Will be interested to read about this offer.

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